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Interesting news, insights and research

Interesting news, insights and research

In 2020, we took face-to-face engagement online

… our clients and stakeholders fully embraced it!

We’d go so far as to say we increased engagement levels and heard from people who would not usually engage on projects.

Feedback we received supports us on this:

“We were still able to have meaningful conversations and discussions, including breaking into smaller groups. Everyone had a chance to have their say and to respond to issues. We had some great brainstorming sessions and prioritisation activities.”

“The online sessions that Leisa Prowse Consulting organised and coordinated…allowed a more diverse and long-lasting engagement tool that continues to provide valuable project information to the community.”

“The convenience, accessibility and anonymity allowed more people to attend the sessions, ask questions in an open forum and have them adequately answered. Being able to record the sessions and have them available online… is an ongoing benefit”.

Yes, 2020 certainly provided challenges and opportunities. Globally, the adoption of digital tools took a quantum leap presenting a valuable opportunity to replicate our valued face-to-face engagement process in an online environment.

When COVID restrictions came in, many of our projects were in the middle of a committed face-to-face stakeholder engagement schedule. To address this, we creatively used online tools to replicate face-to-face activities. This meant that we were able to change the format of our forums without compromising the outcomes we normally achieve face-to-face. Importantly, we continued to help our client’s to have the conversations that make a difference to their projects.

Barriers to online engagement were identified and overcome by collaborating with our clients to ensure goals and outcomes were met. We also recognised digital literacy differences and we took the time to listen with empathy and help community members and stakeholders through the digital process.

Talk to us, Leisa Prowse Consulting is committed to using the best blend of traditional and digital tools to create environments that nurture meaningful discussions with your communities and stakeholders. We strive to help clients enhance their reach and uncover new perspectives about their projects, at a time when confidence and reliability is essential.

IAP2 Australasia Core Values Awards Winners 2020

The annual IAP2 Australasia Core Values Awards ceremony was held on Tuesday 17 November 2020. During the ceremony, the IAP2 Australia Core Values Awards Winners for 2020 were announced. The Core Values Awards are an annual celebration to build awareness, contribute to the practice and recognise examples of excellence in public participation and community engagement within the Australasian region.

As a Lead Judge, our Director, Leisa Prowse was involved with reviewing applications helping to decide the winners of the Australasian Organisation of the Year and Project of the Year awards. Australasian Organisation of the Year was awarded to Melbourne Water for their Next Generation Engagement at Melbourne Water Project. Australasian Project of the Year was awarded to City of Sydney for their Planning for 2050 project .

Leisa Prowse Consulting extends our congratulations to all winners and applicants across each of the ten categories. Leisa says that it was a pleasure to be involved in the judging process and to be part of the recognition of the exciting work going into creating outstanding engagement processes throughout the Australasian region.

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Calls for community-level planning to manage Australia’s increasing flood risk

Insurance Business Australia has released an article outlining the recent announcement by IAG and the Geneva Association, urging flood risk managers to collaborate with their communities to manage flood risk as Australia approaches storm season.

The frequency and intensity of flooding events and other natural disasters continue to increase, as an impact of climate change. “A new Geneva Association report, developed in partnership with IAG, emphasised that flooding is Australia’s costliest natural hazard-related cause of disaster when tangible and intangible losses are taken into account”.

IAG and the Geneva Association strongly encourage engagement with communities to better prepare communities for flood events and slow the growth of flood risk.

Leisa Prowse Consulting has seen firsthand the benefits of engaging with local communities in response to hazard and risk management, where the value of tapping into local insights and creating lasting relationships with communities has created positive change.

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Virtual Moreland, Winner of The Urban Developer’s Excellence in Community Engagement award

During December 2020, The Urban Developer announced the winners and finalists of The Urban Developer’s Awards for Industry Excellence. These awards were presented in association with Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) to recognise the best of urban development from across Australia and New Zealand.

Across two streams, Industry Excellence and Development of the Year, 20 awards were presented, including the Excellence in Community Engagement award. The award was presented to Virtual Moreland, nominated by Moreland City Council.

The Virtual Moreland Project brought together digital technologies, including 3D mapping and modelling, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, to provide the community with interactive and futuristic engagement tools. These tools allowed the community to immerse themselves in virtual streetscapes to inform internal planning process, inspire the community and generate high quality outcomes.

Leisa Prowse Consulting would like to congratulate Moreland City Council on this award, and the five finalists in this category. We also extend our congratulations to The Urban Developer for continuing to recognise and celebrate community engagement as a fundamental component of the ongoing development of our cities and places.

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