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Quickly getting to the heart of complex & contentious issues

Leisa Prowse Consulting helps organisations deliver infrastructure and contentious planning projects and explore complex challenges with their stakeholders. We help our clients to quickly get to the heart of community and stakeholder issues, harnessing energy and expertise along the way to serve the purpose of a project and keep it moving forward. Our advice is practical, nimble and cost-effective. It is informed by a significant track record of achieving tangible results on diverse projects across Australia. We deliver the full-range of engagement techniques guided by a commitment to collaboration, two-way dialogue based on plain English explanations, listening with empathy, and adding value to project outcomes.

  • Strategic advice, peer review, strategies, risk assessment, issues management.

  • Prepare and deliver material, reports and social impact assessments.

  • Small, medium and large group workshops and public forums.

  • Engagement skills and presentation skills training and coaching.

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